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A conviction following a trial by jury is not the end of the fight.  Insufficient evidence of guilt, an error made by the trial judge or the lawyer, or new evidence could provide the opportunity to overturn a guilty verdict. 
Goodman Carr attorneys have considerable experience representing clients in state and federal appeals, as well as in post-conviction motions such as motions for appropriate relief or habeas corpus proceedings.  They have overturned convictions where clients have received significant sentences, where clients have been on the brink of being deported, or who have wanted to clear a felony record.
These proceedings, if they are even possible in a given case, are among the most complicated and time-consuming portions of criminal law.  They require significant investigation into the transcripts of the proceedings, court documents, witness interviews, and preparing a highly-detailed appellate brief or motion supported by as much evidence as possible.  We believe that preparation of a highly-detailed and well-organized presentation can provide the client an opportunity for success if it is done properly.
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